Romex® Wire - Indoor Electrical Cable

Romex® Wire is manufactured for indoor use only. It's specifically made that way to sell it for a cheaper price rather than outdoor cables. It's made with THHN Wire conductors, a bare ground wire and a PVC jacket. If you're looking for an outdoor or under ground electrical wire take a look at our MC Cable and our UFB Cable. They both have the approvals for outdoor use and UFB has the approvals to be buried directly in the ground.

Romex Wire
Ground Wire

All of our Romex Cables® come with an additional ground wire.

    Features and Properties

  •     600 Volts
  •     Temperature rating 90°C
  •     UL Approved
  •     Mil Spec Approved AA59544
  •     Solid Copper Strands 14, 12, 10
  •     Stranded Copper Strands 8 - 2 awg
  •     PVC Jacket (Polyvinal Chloride)
  •     THHN / THWN Conductors

Click the Part Number for pricing

Part Number
AWG Size
Weight / 1000'
Romex NMB 14/2® 14 AWG 2 15 AMPS 57 lbs
Romex NMB 12/2® 12 AWG 2 20 AMPS 82 lbs
Romex NMB 10/2® 10 AWG 2 30 AMPS 124 lbs
Romex NMB 8/2® 8 AWG 2 40 AMPS 186 lbs
Romex NMB 6/2® 6 AWG 2 55 AMPS 255 lbs
Romex NMB 14/3® 14 AWG 3 15 AMPS 74 lbs
Romex NMB 12/3® 12 AWG 3 20 AMPS 107 lbs
Romex NMB 10/3® 10 AWG 3 30 AMPS 164 lbs
Romex NMB 8/3® 8 AWG 3 40 AMPS 253 lbs
Romex NMB 6/3® 6 AWG 3 55 AMPS 357 lbs
Romex NMB 4/3® 4 AWG 3 70 AMPS 560 lbs
Romex NMB 2/3® 2 AWG 3 95 AMPS 816 lbs


Romex® is a type of electrical wire used indoors only because it comes with a bare copper ground wire inside the PVC jacket that could possibly be penetrated if moisture, gas or solvents come in contact with it. If you need to run your cable outdoors be sure to look at UFB Cable instead that ranges from 14 awg to 6 awg.

Romex® is commonly used in circuit sizes, ranging from 14 awg to 10 awg, running electricity to your lights and outlets in your home. Feeder sizes, ranging from 8 awg to 2 awg, are used for connectiongs needing more power such as a stove, microwave, washer, dryer and possibly a hot tub or spa. Here at WesBell we cut all of our Romex® to length so that you can get the exact amount of wire you need for the particular job you're doing. We also offer free shipping on orders over $250.


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