Copper MC Cable with PVC - Direct Burial

Copper MC Cable PVC is manufactured for Direct Burial. It can be directly buried in the earth without the protection of conduit or cable tray. It's manufactured with Copper THHN Wires and an insulated Copper THHN ground wire. The added protection of the PVC jacket over the aluminum metal clad creates a moisture tight seal allowing this MC Cable to be buried directly in concrete if needed. If you're running your electrical cable through conduit then see our cheaper Copper MC Cable without the PVC jacket.

Copper MC Cable
Ground Wire

All of our Copper MC Cables have a insulated THHN ground wire.

    Features and Properties

  •     600 Volts
  •     Temperature rating 90°C
  •     UL Approved
  •     Mil Spec Approved AA59544
  •     Stranded Copper Strands 14 - 2 awg
  •     Aluminum Metal Clad Jacket
  •     THHN Copper Conductors

Part Number
AWG Size
Weight / 1000'
Copper MC PVC 14/2 14 AWG 2 + Ground Solid 77 lbs
Copper MC PVC 14/3 14 AWG 3 + Ground Solid 94 lbs
Copper MC PVC 14/4 14 AWG 4 + Ground Solid 112 lbs
Copper MC PVC 12/2 12 AWG 2 + Ground Solid 110 lbs
Copper MC PVC 12/3 12 AWG 3 + Ground Solid 134 lbs
Copper MC PVC 12/4 12 AWG 4 + Ground Solid 180 lbs
Copper MC PVC 10/2 10 AWG 2 + Ground Solid 162 lbs
Copper MC PVC 10/3 10 AWG 3 + Ground Solid 202 lbs
Copper MC PVC 10/4 10 AWG 4 + Ground Solid 266 lbs
Copper MC PVC 8/2 8 AWG 2 + Ground 19 Strands 231 lbs
Copper MC PVC 8/3 8 AWG 3 + Ground 19 Strands 298 lbs
Copper MC PVC 8/4 8 AWG 4 + Ground 19 Strands 378 lbs
Copper MC PVC 6/2 6 AWG 2 + Ground 19 Strands 333 lbs
Copper MC PVC 6/3 6 AWG 3 + Ground 19 Strands 441 lbs
Copper MC PVC 6/4 6 AWG 4 + Ground 19 Strands 545 lbs
Copper MC PVC 4/3 4 AWG 3 + Ground 19 Strands 635 lbs
Copper MC PVC 4/4 4 AWG 4 + Ground 19 Strands 800 lbs
Copper MC PVC 2/3 2 AWG 3 + Ground 19 Strands 934 lbs
Copper MC PVC 2/4 2 AWG 4 + Ground 19 Strands 1183 lbs
For Aluminum Direct Burial see our Aluminum MC PVC. We also stock Copper MC Cable without the PVC Jacket.


Type MC Cable with a PVC Jacket

MC (Metal Clad) with PVC Copper cable has the same characteristics with the regular metal clad copper cable. The only difference is that the metal clad copper cable with PVC is created for direct burial. This means it can be buried directly in the earth without conduit's or cable tray's protection. It can also be buried in concrete directly because it is moisture firm sealed. It is made with copper THHN wires and the ground wire is insulated copper THHN. A PVC jacket covers the aluminum metal clad which adds protection.

The MC (Metal Clad) with PVC copper cable is also very ideal to be used as multi-residential, commercial, industrial, institutional buildings service power distribution. It can also be used for power, control, signal, and lighting circuits. Metal clad copper cable with PVC can be installed in environmental air handling spaces as approved by NEC 300.22 (C). This is also ideal for places of assembly and theaters as per NEC 518.4 and NEC 520.5 respectively.

MC copper cable with PVC is a bit expensive compared to the regular MC cable but this is much safer to use especially if the area where it will be installed is always wet or moist. Also, there are areas where electric inspectors do not allow the use of MC aluminum cable. This type of cable is also preferred as an aerial cable on a messenger. NEC 645.5 (D) and NEC 645.5 (D) (2) also allow the use of this cable under raised floors for information technology equipment conductors and cables. In installation in cable tray and approved raceways, metal clad copper cable with PVC is also recommended.

MC (Metal Clad) with PVC Copper cable is suitable for operation in all installations at 600 Volts as specified by NEC. The temperature rating is 90°C with stranded 14 – 2 awg Copper strands. The inner jacket is Flame Retardant Low Acid Gas PVC jacket with minimum average thickness of 50 mils. The outer jacket on the other hand has a minimum thickness of 65 mils. There is a nylon rip cord applied under the jacket to make it easy to remove. It has UL approval and approved AA59544 Mil Spec. It also has Aluminum metal clad jacket. It also meets or even exceeded all the applicable ASTM Specifications, UL Standard for Safety 1569, UL Standard for Safety 1581, UL Standard for Safety 83, Federal Specification A-A59544, and requirements of the National Electric Code NEC.

Metal clad copper cable coated with PVC conductors are annealed copper, moisture resistant, insulated with high heat, and free from lead PVC. It is also jacketed with abrasion, gasoline, oil, and moisture resistant nylon or equivalent as listed by UL. It is wrapped with polypropylene tape and coated with interlocking aluminum or steel armor. The armor thickness is at least 23 mils for aluminum and 17 mils for steel. These characteristics make the metal clad copper cable with PVC a very safe cable for almost all kind of installations.